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Avid Poop Wax

Avid Poop Wax

Item #: AVI17234

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Avid Poop Wax Description

Some crappy wax from AVID Scooters. USA made, high melt point and super hard wax- This means it won't easily melt in your bag or pocket. The hardness helps ensure it fills in the gaps and cracks of the grinding surface, ensuring a smooth and even grind.

Have the coolest, best smelling wax out there. Be that guy; the guy who always has wax on him, and the guy with the cool wax!

Each piece of AVID wax is hand mixed and poured, with added scent for a pleasant smell while your hitting that film worthy grind.

Poop Wax is roughly a 3" puck size wax, shrink wrapped and ready to go!

*Not actual poop