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Why a Pro Scooter?

Why a Pro Scooter?

Scooter Handlebars:

  • A Pro Scooter is a scooter that is designed to withstand hard impacts and be used to preform freestyle tricks! These scooters have been built to be comfortable, reliable, and safe to practice the tricks you have dreamed of doing!
  • Scooters have been around for decades, but in only the past few years have they been improved in their quality, technology, and ability to withstand harsh riding to better suit freestyle scootering!


  • Price is a big factor in determining what scooter you are going to buy. Hold on! Before you jump the gun and go for a cheaper scooter you have to take a few things into perspective!
  • Generally, the higher the cost of the scooter the better quality scooter you will get and the lower the cost the lower quality scooter.
  • As the sport becomes more popular I see many parents buying cheaper scooters, the child then uses this in skate parks and guess what? It breaks! Please be aware there are lots of scooters out there designed for basic use only.


  • Safety is the main concern of anyone who is participating in an action sport!
  • If you are riding a scooter that isn’t designed to handle the abuse of freestyle tricks it will break and you can be hurt in the process!
  • Make sure you don’t sacrifice the safety of the rider by having the wrong scooter!