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Before you enter our custom builder, we just want to clear up any commonly asked questions about what is compatible with what, to ensure that you build a scooter that works perfectly without any issues!

What is compression?

  1. Before you start building your dream scoot, make sure that you pick what compression you desire. The compression is basically what holds your scooter together!
  2. There are many different types of compression systems.
    1. IHC - one of the most easy to work with compression systems that is also one of the lightest and easiest for beginners to work with. With IHC, you are using a standard size steel or titanium bar or an oversized aluminum bar with a slit. You are also usually going to use a double clamp and an IHC fork. If your bar is standard size, make sure your clamp fits standard bars. If it’s an oversized aluminum bar, make sure your clamp will fit oversized bars (HIC clamps work with this type of bar too).
    2. HIC - this compression system is very similar to IHC. But for HIC, you can only use OVERSIZED steel or titanium bars with a slit. ALUMINUM BARS ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH HIC. The type of fork used is the same fork that SCS uses. Here, you are going to use an HIC (a clamp that can fit oversized bars) clamp. An HIC kit will be provided.
    3. SCS - This is generally the heaviest but strongest compression system. For SCS, your bars cannot have a slit. If you do choose a bar that has a slit, make sure you cut them about 1.5-2 inches in height to remove the slit or else they will NOT be compatible. SCS can use both oversized or standard bars in any material as long as there is not slit. Make sure the clamp you choose is compatible with the bar ie. an oversized bar needs an SCS clamp that can fit oversized bars.
    4. ICS - This compression is not as popular as the other three. It is very difficult to find parts that are compatible with this compression. The compression bolt screws in from underneath the fork and is generally difficult to work with. The bars must have a star nut inside of them and the fork must be ICS compatible. Usually bars with a standard internal diameter will fit this compression.


  1. All decks are compatible with any compression. Your compression will not determine what deck you want so feel free to choose whichever.
  2. Make sure your deck fits the wheels you pick. Some decks cannot fit wheels bigger than 110mm. For example, Ethic Pandemonium will not accept 120mm wheels, so be mindful.


  1. Make sure the griptape you pick will fit the deck ie. griptape that is 5 wide will not fit a six wide deck.


  1. You cannot use aluminum bars for HIC. If you use them for SCS, then make sure you get rid of the slit or buy an adapter which is sold separately.
  2. Steel bars are the heaviest (and most durable), titanium is the lightest (good for park tricks), and aluminum is in between.
  3. Aluminum bars are best used for IHC
  4. You need a slit for both HIC and IHC compression. No slit on bars for SCS
  5. Any grip will for any bar


  1. As long as it's a modern deck, any headset on our website will fit any deck


  1. Wheels come in different sizes both diameter and thickness. Make sure your deck and fork is compatible with the diameter and thickness of your wheels. Generally, the wheel that fits most decks is 110mm x 24mm wide wheels.


  1. Make sure the fork you choose matches the compression, bars and wheels you pick. Usually the type of compression the fork fits will be in the title or the details of the item.
    1. ie. an aluminum bar with an ihc fork and an oversized double clamp.
  2. The fork must be able to fit the wheels you pick

GENERALLY: the fork, clamp, wheels and bars must all work with one another to  ensure you have a workable and safe scooter.

Once adjusted, you cannot do returns or exchanges on items ie. if you request a bar cut.