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AO Delta 3 Complete

AO Delta 3 Complete

Item #: AO55942C
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AO Delta 3 Complete Description

The AO Delta3 Complete comes with a threadless Chromoly fork, IHC compression system, bar with rounded gussets and an adjustable brake which can accommodate 110 and 125 mm wheels. AO U-shaped welding technology and forged neck makes the Delta 3 literally indestructible. The flat profile deck allows for ample grinding space, along with raised grind rails which decrease the surface area on grinds and increasing deck life. Signature Delta deck features a forged neck and head tube offering one of the stiffest, most responsive, and durable decks on the market.
Technical Specs

AO Delta 3 Complete Technical Specs

  • Delta 2.0 deck with Forged neck
  • Chromoly fork (threadless)
  • Adjustable brake (125 mm ready)
  • Brake with welded-on nuts for one-hand operation
  • Integrated Headset Compression (IHC)
  • Raptor triple clamp
  • Steel bar with gussets (standard size)
  • Fully integrated
  • High precision Titen headset bearings
  • Spoked 110 mm aluminum wheels