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Eretic - Complete Snowscoot - Powder

Eretic - Complete Snowscoot - Powder

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Eretic - Complete Snowscoot - Powder Description

If you were afraid that you weren't able to ride your scooter in the winter, then fear no more! The snow scooter is finally available in the U.S. and is made to sustain the snow and slush! Eretic made sure they made the dimensions on this scoot perfect for the snow. Even the griptape is made out of rubber to make sure it lasts you through many winters! Since snow is a lot slipperier than normal ground, they made sure to make the deck slightly larger than a normal deck but not too big to be uncontrollable. Speaking of, this scooter is 11.4 lbs which is amazing because you get a sturdy, snow ready scooter for a weight that isn't much heavier than a normal scooter. Get yours today and start shredding the snowy hills. Snow is no excuse with the Eretic snow scooters!

Technical Specs

Eretic - Complete Snowscoot - Powder Technical Specs

  • Weight: 12.41 lbs (5630g)
  • Deck Lentgh: 22,8 in (580mm)
  • Deck Width: 5,5 in (140mm)
  • Angle: 81°
  • Material: Aluminium 6061 Steel 4130
  • Bar Height: 28,4 in (720mm)
  • Bar Width: 24,4 in (620mm)
  • Diameter: 34,9mm
  • Oversized: Yes
  • Backsweep: Yes
  • Slit: Yes
  • Compression Type: HIC