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Aztek Hydra Deck

Aztek Hydra Deck

Item #: AZT29189C

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Aztek Hydra Deck Description

The Hydra Deck is constructed from patented hydroformed tubing, which allows us to make it the lightest deck ever created (by far!). This revolutionary design removes the weakest point of the deck, replacing it with a smooth contour that distributes stress across the entire length of the deck. The same comfy concave as our street decks makes this deck extra ergonomic and responsive under your feet. This deck is a must have for any park rider looking to take their tricks to the next level.
Technical Specs

Aztek Hydra Deck Technical Specs

  • 5" x 19.5" and 5" x 20.5"
  • Solid Aluminum Dropout Inserts
  • Fits up to 24x120mm wheels
  • 1.9 lb and 2.2 lb before accessories
  • 83° HTA